Three-point stance: ACC's line struggles evident

1. Georgia and South Carolina, teams from the middle of the SEC East, defeated the ACC’s division champions, Georgia Tech and Clemson. Gamecock defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson said the passion of in-state rivalries isn’t the reason. “That conference is really down, especially in the area of the box, offensive and defensive line play,” Johnson said. “It’s just not very good. I thought (before the game) we were a lot better than they were up front, and we were.”

2. Here’s what Bob Stoops didn’t say Monday when he said for the umpteenth time that he is happy at Oklahoma and he isn’t interested in Notre Dame. Stoops is impatient dealing with the handful of beat writers who cover the Sooners. The very last thing that Stoops would choose to do is dive into the fish bowl that serves as the home and office of the Notre Dame head coach. I can’t think of a job he would like less.

3. It’s important that Notre Dame remain relevant in college football, not only for history and tradition, but because Notre Dame still believes that high academic standards and winning can co-exist. Asked Monday if it’s tough to focus on school while thinking about who the next coach might be, Irish defensive end Kapron Lewis-Moore said, “Actually with me the hardest thing is thinking about if I want to write about Aristotle in my philosophy paper.” Beautiful.