Three-point stance: Gem of an idea

1.Bowl officials go to great lengths every year to entertain the players and the coaches of their respective teams. The Emerald Bowl will take the players from Boston College and USC to Alcatraz, mandatory for a trip to San Francisco. But there’s more than entertainment. On Christmas, the day before the game, members of both teams will volunteer in the kitchen of Glide Memorial Church. That’s an inspired idea.

2.Joe Paterno turned 83 yesterday. Now that Bobby Bowden will top out at 389 victories, JoePa’s 393 victories are 165 ahead of the next No. 2 among active coaches, Frank Beamer of Virginia Tech. Beamer is 63, so all he has to do is average eight wins a year for the next 20 years – to trail Paterno by five wins. Urban Meyer, 45, has 95 victories. If he wins eight games a year until he turns 83, he’ll have 399 victories. I’m guessing that won’t be enough to catch JoePa.

3.Freshmen wide receivers Morrell Presley of UCLA and Duron Carter of Ohio State didn’t make their grades in fall quarter and won’t play in their teams’ bowl games. I’m surprised that more freshmen on the quarter academic calendar don’t slip. Teams practiced for four weeks and then played three games before classes started. If you fall behind in a 10-week academic calendar, you have little time to catch up. Some guys learn that the hard way.