Comedy Hour with Mount Cody

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. –- Terrence Cody is the biggest guy on Alabama’s team, but he’s also the funniest.

So as the Crimson Tide’s 6-5, 354-pound nose guard met with the media on Sunday, it’s no surprise that his corner of the ballroom at the Newport Beach Marriott and Spa was usually filled with the most laughter.

The jovial Cody was in such a good mood that he even joked about Nick Saban’s height.

Asked his first memory of Saban, Cody cracked, “I really thought he would have been bigger than he was. I was like, ‘Man, this guy’s a midget.’ ”

Later, Cody was discussing the advantages and disadvantages of being so big outside of football.

He said one of the advantages was being able to intimidate people with his size.

“That lets you do a lot more things that short people can’t do,” he said laughing. “I have to help coach Saban on and off the bus.”

For the record, one of the disadvantages of being so big, according to Cody, is not being able to get on certain rides at amusement parks.

That and navigating airplane bathrooms.

“It's terrible,” Cody said. “I got in there, but it took a while to get in there because it’s not that big of a door. Once I got in there, it was like, ‘This is it?’”

Later, Cody was talking about being on track to graduate in May and said he still needed two more classes. Somebody asked him what his degree was in. He paused, stammered for a few seconds, looked up and smiled and then muttered something under his breath.

“I keep forgetting it … consumer science, I think,” Cody said.

The two-time All-American was involved in the most memorable play of the season for Alabama when he blocked the Tennessee field goal attempt as time expired. It was his second block of the game and saved the Crimson Tide's season. The scene of Cody ripping off his helmet right after the block and racing across the field is an image that won’t soon be forgotten by Alabama fans.

But his memory of the play?

“I got a good jump and got some pressure, stuck my arm up and closed my eyes,” Cody said.

Finally, having a linebacker as knowledgeable about the defense as Rolando McClain has made everybody’s life easier on defense, according to Cody.

McClain’s the guy who gets everybody lined up and helps cover up mistakes.

“Without him, I’d say ... we wouldn’t have any butt at all because we’d be getting chewed out so much,” Cody said. “Coach Saban would be chewing us until we didn’t have anything to chew.”