Three-point stance: Longhorns move on

1.Colt McCoy knows he has been a former Texas quarterback for two months. Hearing that spring practice had begun without him came as “a shock,” McCoy said Monday night at the Oklahoma-Texas basketball game. “I had no idea they were already putting the pads back on, already getting started. It was really early. And part of it, I was sad. I’ve been doing that for five years. It’s tough. But I know that my greatest football is ahead of me.”

2.Longhorns offensive coordinator Greg Davis said the public response to the 37-21 loss to Alabama in the BCS Championship Game has been a tonic. “The number of responses I’ve gotten that say, ‘Coach, I’m not sure we’re not prouder of this team than the ’05 team,’” Davis said. “‘You had every chance before the half to throw the towel in and you didn’t.’” Perhaps so. Those warm feelings will last at least until, oh, the opener against Rice.

3.MAC teams have only three teams from AQ conferences coming in for road games in the fall. That’s half the number of last season’s marquee nonconference games, and that total doesn’t include Boise State’s visit to Bowling Green. I know the league has had to work its way out of scheduling snafus that occurred the last few years. But the league should redouble its efforts to bring big schools onto MAC campuses.