BYU research shows non-AQ WRs more effective in NFL

BYU student Jared Whipple wrote an interesting piece for the school’s website that shows how NFL drafted players from non-automatic qualifying schools are as good or better than those players drafted from one of the conferences with an automatic qualifying bid to the BCS.

Lyndon Plothow, who did the research for his honor’s thesis, compiled the numbers. Plothow’s most compelling statistic came from the wide receiver group. He asserts that receivers from non-AQ schools are 15 percent more likely to play in the NFL for more than three years than those from AQ schools, and that non-AQ receivers average more than 200 yards per season more than their AQ counterparts.

It’s an intriguing look at the whether the non-AQ label really affects a player’s ability to play on a bigger stage.