Three-point stance: Expansion prerequisite

1.One thing to keep in mind as you consider your fantasy draft for the Big Ten and the Pac-10: Whichever schools are invited have to be able to bring financial value equal to what the league members get now. Big Ten schools get $22 million apiece in their current TV contract. Are there three schools out there that can bring $66 million with them? Five schools worth $110 million. If not, why would the Big Ten members expand if their slice of the pie gets smaller?

2.While Boston College linebacker Mark Herzlich recovered from cancer last fall, freshman Luke Kuechly stepped in and made 158 tackles, more than double any other Eagle. He also made All-ACC. “He made things easier for us,” Kuechly, who turned 19 on Tuesday, said of Herzlich. “He’s never let what he’s going through get in the way of helping other people.” Imagine what could happen if Herzlich and Kuechly play alongside each other this fall.

3.Reggie Bush’s reported settlement of a lawsuit against him by a former marketer means that the NCAA won’t hear the former Trojans star being grilled in a legal setting as it considers the USC enforcement case. That also means that the NCAA should give its verdict soon. The hearing ended more than two months ago. Remember, the NCAA went through an unusually large amount of evidence even without Bush’s deposition. Bush or no, I still think the Trojans should be nervous.