Three-point stance: Whither the WAC?

1.If the Mountain West Conference invites the Boise State Broncos to join, then whither the WAC? It’s not as if the league will disband. But it will lose the relevance that the Broncos have brought to it the past four years. Without Boise State, the WAC is the Sun Belt Conference with snow: competitive games, a champion headed for a bowl game, but no team contending for a BCS bid. There’s honor in that, of course. But there’s less excitement.

2.It’s hard to recall a time when college football had so much going on in the first week of June. The Mountain West is dancing with Boise State. The other conferences are trying to figure out which team should be in which league. The NCAA is on the verge of spilling its the USC Trojans beans. When Syracuse Orange coach Doug Marrone told me Wednesday, “This is an exciting time of year,” it sounded funny. Yet he is absolutely right.

3.The best news to come out of the SEC meetings is that Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer’s chest pains were not a result of cardiac problems but of esophageal spasms, which may be controlled with medication. Meyer said he is learning to coach without micro-managing. Good for him, but it’s easy to say in June. Meyer fell off the micro-managing wagon when he took out after the Orlando Sentinel reporter in March. Let’s see how he does in August.