Nebraska ready to talk realignment

Nebraska's executive committee of the board of regents agreed Wednesday to amend the agenda for Friday's meeting to include discussion of realignment.

The school sent out a release on Wednesday afternoon, but committee chairman Bob Phares spoke to ESPN.com earlier today. For more on Nebraska's possible future move to the Big Ten, here's our collaborative news story.

All signs point to a move by Nebraska to the Big Ten.

"We did agree to amend the agenda to add an item regarding conference alignment," Phares said. "The potential for a resolution of that is we will have a briefing for the board on Friday and that was the substance of the meeting. There was no official action taken."

Phares said the discussion could lead to a vote -- if the board wishes to take action -- after Friday's briefing at the 1 p.m. meeting.

"The board could decide that they choose to do nothing and simply sit on the corner and watch the parade, they could decide that they want to reaffirm their commitment to the Big 12. They could decide they want to pursue affiliation elsewhere."

To amend the meeting's agenda, the executive committee had to make a recommendation to the board by Thursday at 1 p.m., 24 hours before the meeting, which led to Wednesday afternoon's conference call.

"We restructured the agenda so we can move this up the the top," Phares said. "It'll be first out of the chute...It will be very soon after 1 o'clock."

Phares said he was unsure of the board's attitude toward a move to the Big Ten.

"We're trying to make sure we make a factual decision here, not an emotional one," he said.