Three-point stance: Money talks ... again

1.The raid of the Western Athletic Conference by the Mountain West Conference on Wednesday delivers a reminder to the members of the Big East: continue to sleep with one eye open. Fresno State and Nevada took a page right out of the Boston-College-to-the-ACC playbook, pledging fealty to the WAC earlier this year and then leaving it the moment the MWC beckoned. Money beat loyalty by two touchdowns -- again.

2.MWC commissioner Craig Thompson said in a teleconference late Wednesday night that he will not make a pitch to BYU to keep the Cougars from leaving the league to pursue independence in football. “They know who we are,” Thompson said. He added that the league won’t make concessions to BYU to stay in the MWC, as Big 12 members did with Texas. If BYU intends to go national, there’s nothing the MWC can offer that would quench that thirst.

3.Three years in at Nebraska, Bo Pelini continues to spar with local reporters over issues that he should have settled his first week as head coach. Pelini closed practice to media this week because he didn’t like the reporting on the season-ending injury of linebacker Sean Fisher. Pelini changed his mind and re-opened practice. Most coaches don’t like the media. The smart ones make their peace with dealing with us and move on. Maybe Pelini will figure that out. Maybe not.