3-point stance: Standings reaction

1. No. 2 Oregon, No. 3 Boise State and No. 5 TCU begin the BCS horse race with remarkably similar computer ratings. The Ducks will benefit from the strength of their remaining opponents. The Broncos and Horned Frogs, not so much. In this year, as in years past, Boise State, TCU and No. 9 Utah will need others to fail in order for them to reach the top two. It’s early. The computer ratings will be volatile for another couple of weeks. But I don’t see this as good news for the non-AQs.

2. Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne said the Big 12 business model aligns with Major League Baseball (teams keep local TV revenue) and the Big Ten, where the Huskers will be next year, skews toward the NFL (every dollar divided equally). “To some degree, that’s sort of the American way, to reward ability,” Osborne said of the Big 12 model. “If you’re looking at holding a group of people together for a long period of time, that may not be the best way.”

3. One look at Texas coach Mack Brown’s career illustrates that he became more successful after his marriage in 1993. Sally Brown is a constant presence around his teams. On Saturday, for the first time in their marriage, Sally didn’t attend a game her husband coached. Her brother died on Friday. After Texas defeated Nebraska, 20-13, Brown got emotional. It was Sally’s birthday and she wasn’t by his side. The Longhorns voted to present her with a game ball.