Auburn's Jacobs: Newton matter not closed

Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs told USA Today that the school has found no issues with Cam Newton's eligibility, but that the investigation was "not a closed matter" and was "still ongoing."

Last week, ESPN.com reported that the NCAA was looking into Newton's recruitment, specifically allegations that former Mississippi State player Kenny Rogers tried to solicit money from former Mississippi State players on behalf of Newton's family in turn for Newton to sign with the Bulldogs. Newton's father, Cecil Newton, has said that if Rogers were doing that, he was doing it without the Newtons' knowledge. Rogers has also denied shopping Newton to any college.

Newton said this past weekend following Auburn's 62-24 win over Chattanooga that he had done nothing wrong.

"I'm blessed," Newton said. "When God be blessin', the devil be messin'."

Jacobs said Auburn began looking into allegations this past summer regarding Newton's status.

"Any of our student-athletes, if we had any questions about them, about their eligibility, we wouldn't want them to play," Jacobs told USA Today.

Asked if he could foresee any reason Newton wouldn't finish the season, Jacobs said, "I don't have a way to know that at this time."