3-point stance: Legends and Leaders?

1.The first conferences to split into divisions based their divisions geographically, just as God intended. Then the ACC arbitrarily assigned teams to two divisions without the use of a map. Can anyone outside the ACC name which teams are Atlantic and which are Coastal? Now the Big Ten has named its divisions the Legends and the Leaders. The names are treacly, too clever by half and utterly unhelpful to the casual fan. Who comes up with this stuff? Did the Big Ten pay them? Did it keep its receipt?

2.Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck believes that the reason there are so many high-scoring bowl games among the minor bowls is not necessarily because the better teams in the better bowls have better defenses. The earlier the bowl, the shorter the layoff from the regular season for the offenses. “You keep your rhythm and your confidence,” Luck said. The Cardinal will have had five weeks off when it lines up against Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl.

3.If you think you have it rough, think about the month Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz has had. On Halloween weekend, the Hawkeyes humiliated No. 5 Michigan State, 37-6, to raise their record to 6-2. Iowa lost its final three games of the season by a total of 10 points. Leading Derrell Johnson-Koulianos has been arrested on drug charges and suspended. On Monday, Ferentz announced that tailback Adam Robinson has been suspended for the Insight Bowl. I get the feeling the offseason will not be pretty for the 2011 Hawkeyes.