BCS championship game predictions

The time for talking -- and typing -- is almost over as we get ready for the Tostitos BCS National Championship Game between No. 1 Auburn and No. 2 Oregon, a pair of unbeatens who light up the scoreboard.

But first we need to get off the fence and make a prediction from both the Pac-10 and SEC blogs.

Chris, I'll start us off.

Oregon 38, Auburn 30: Auburn has a couple of outstanding individual players in quarterback Cam Newton and defensive tackle Nick Fairley, but the Ducks are a superior team. The Tigers' comeback win over Alabama was impressive -- perhaps the most impressive performance in the regular season -- but they also played a number of close games against teams that the Ducks would have taken to the woodshed. To me, it seems like Auburn peaked 37 days ago, which is too early. The Ducks are going to be sharp bell-to-bell. They will outflank the Tigers, they will wear them down and then they will get physical and knock them over. Newton and Fairley will make some plays, but in the end they won't make enough as the Pac-10 ends the SEC's run of national titles at four.

Chris Low: Ted, I do believe that we’re actually going to play a football game.

Auburn 42, Oregon 31: After 30-plus days off and breaking this game down from every angle imaginable, we find out who’s ready to take home the crystal trophy. Oregon will no doubt put a lot of pressure on Auburn’s defense. But in the end, the Ducks won’t be able to tackle Newton. Who has this season? The Tigers also won’t stray from their clutch lock-down mode defensively in the fourth quarter and will walk away with the SEC’s fifth straight BCS national championship.