What I'll miss about Colorado

Here's a few things I'll miss about Colorado next year when it begins play in the Pac-12.

The view. I live in Dallas, which, if you've ever been, is not the most mountainous of terrains. Colorado's campus, however, sits at the base of a Rocky Mountain peak, and you see plenty more mountains to your west just about everywhere you go in the city. It's easily the most picturesque campus in the Big 12.

Ralphie. Give me the big buff in a deathmatch between any Big 12 mascots. Before every game, Ralphie romps around Folsom Field with the help of his trainers, who keep him from getting too out of hand. Bevo down in Austin might get the press these days, but Ralphie's game day run is one of the best pregame traditions in college football.

Pearl Street Mall. Good luck finding another spot in the Big 12 that feels like Switzerland. If you've never been, Pac-12 fans, make sure to do it. There's pretty cool shops during the day, and it's the spot to be the night before games. Grab some dinner there when you make your first trek to Boulder.

The drive from Denver to Boulder. It's a short hop north, and if you've ever made it, you know what I mean. It's always a little jarring to be around the mountains at first after you fly into DIA, but once you reach the edge of the city, you're coming down the highway at the top of a hill that lets you see the city tucked next to the mountain. I've seen a lot of nothing driving through Texas, but making my way to Boulder is always one of my favorite trips.

So that's my list? What makes yours?