VT OC Stinespring embraces staff changes

Virginia Tech offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring told ESPN.com on Wednesday that he has no problem relinquishing the play-calling duties to quarterbacks coach Mike O'Cain. When asked if he's OK with the change, Stinespring said, "Absolutely."

"I think it’s one of those situations that presents itself that you study and look at yourself and address what’s best for your program," Stinespring said. "How can you improve your program? What needs to be done to enhance your program? About three or four indicating factors within our quarterback system, with additional responsibilities and endeavors, I think it fits us right now. I think it’s the best for us right now. In the final analysis, that’s what you’re looking to do, what’s best. What’s best for your program and the young men you’re entrusted to put in a position for success. That’s No. 1. That’s who we are, what we do. This is one of those areas we looked into not for the first time, this is not a new area, we’ve discussed it before, it is not a world changing event in any way shape or form."