3-point stance: Habits change for draft

1.Boston College held its Pro Day on Wednesday. Eagles head coach Frank Spaziani didn’t refer to any of his players in particular. He just sounded like a coach who’s been in the business for four decades. On the topic of the work ethic of seniors preparing for the NFL draft, Spaziani shook his head and said, “The day their eligibility ends, they practice like it’s important to them.” His point: the ones who make it at the next level practice that way before their eligibility ends.

2.Several teams will pay a price this fall for the Big Ten assembling a 12-team schedule in a hurry. As Adam Rittenberg and I discussed on the ESPNU College Football Podcast, Wisconsin plays four conference road games in a five-week span late in the 2011 season. Iowa and Purdue plays all eight Big Ten games without a week off. And Michigan finishes at Iowa and Illinois before home games with Nebraska and Ohio State. On the other hand, the schedule is better than the Big 12’s, which still doesn’t exist.

3.Auburn opened spring practice this week and I can’t think of a more interesting team this year. The Tigers’ best players, quarterback Cam Newton and defensive tackle Nick Fairley, are gone. So are the dozen or so seniors who drove the Tigers to the BCS title. An inexperienced Auburn team will run into one opponent after another prepared to play a national champion. I just don’t think the predictions of seven or eight wins for the Tigers take that psychology into account.