3-point stance: Rehab results in razzing

1.TCU All-American linebacker Tank Carder is in the middle of rehabbing the surgically repaired shoulder that prevented him from participating in spring practice. He is lifting weights -- nothing over his head yet -- and returned to bench-pressing at 185 pounds with a board on his chest to restrict his motion. His teammates teased him. “Oh, you got this little bit of weight on there?” Carder’s response: “Yeah, let’s get on the field.” There’s nothing like teammates razzing you to let you know you’re loved.

2.Notre Dame took some heat for not suspending wide receiver Michael Floyd after a recent DUI, his third incident with alcohol in college. Notre Dame has booted athletes for lesser offenses. But as the Chicago Tribune pointed out, there’s been a change in the administration and university discipline is no longer as severe. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether Floyd got another reprieve because the university softened or because he runs a fast fly pattern. It will be a great story if Floyd finally cleans up his life.

3.Villanova and the Big East say they need more time to discuss whether the Wildcats should become a full member. What is there to discuss? Villanova Stadium seats 12,500. Are they going to do what Temple does -- play in a mostly empty Eagles’ stadium? Villanova doesn’t have the fan base to warrant the expenditure it would take to move from FCS and FBS and be competitive.