3-point stance: Tide seeking proofreader

1.Alabama is among the top public universities in National Merit Scholars, none of whom works as proofreaders in the athletic department. Last season, the Crimson Tide printed football tickets for a game against Mississipi (sic) State. Last Saturday, with great fanfare, the athletic department unveiled a plaque honoring the 2009 national champions. Engraved on the plaque are the titles awarded the Tide, including the “McArthur Trophy.” That would be the MacArthur Trophy, named for General Douglas MacArthur. As every Merit Scholar knows, spell-check is not the same as proofreading.

2.The Big 12 had relatively little time to create a 10-team schedule for this season. A lot of shifting had to be done after Nebraska and Colorado left. And the schedule isn’t finished yet. But the league authorized Texas Tech to release its schedule, and the Red Raiders got no breaks. Their open date is the second week, and they play the following five-game stretch from Oct. 22 to Nov. 19: at Oklahoma, Iowa State, at Texas, Oklahoma State, at Missouri. Here’s hoping it gets better for Tech in 2012.

3.UMass is moving to the FBS, thanks to an invitation from the Mid-American Conference. The Minutemen will play their home games at Gillette Stadium, 93 miles away from campus. It’s a smart choice. Patriots owner Robert Kraft won’t charge the school rent, and there are 120,000 alumni in the Boston area. Of greater interest: what does it mean for Boston College, UConn and Syracuse, the northeastern most schools in the FBS? There’s only so much talent up here.