Colorado State's fastest man challenge

Oh, I love a good challenge. Especially when a coach challenges the entire student body to a big-time race.

Colorado State coach Steve Fairchild has done that, inviting students to try and beat three of the fastest players on his team during the Rams Superstars Competition on Friday. Fairchild has set up the "Beat the Elite" competition, which would pit one student against wide receivers Tony Drake and Thomas Coffman, and cornerback Bernard Blake. Each player runs a sub-4.4 seconds in the 40-yard dash.

If the student can beat the players, then that person gets an honorary roster spot during the week of the Colorado game Sept. 17. The student will spend a week as an honorary member of the team, attending practices and assorted team meetings, and will stay with the Rams at their team hotel. On game day, the winner will stand on the Rams’ sideline in an authentic jersey after walking out onto the field for the pregame coin toss with the Colorado State captains.

It is not an official tryout for the team. The winner will not wear pads during the week or at the game, or participate in any practice drills. The prize is only an honorary roster spot for that week, and does not count toward the number allowed by the NCAA.

There will be a preliminary contest Friday afternoon to pick the student who will compete against the players. So get those tennis shoes out and show Fairchild what you've got, Rams students. You will get a mention in this blog, too, if you can make it happen. Big time, I know!