Ohio State releases Dept. of Justice letter

Ohio State on Thursday released the letter it received Dec. 7 from the U.S. Department of Justice that detailed the Ohio State memorabilia seized from a Columbus tattoo parlor owner.

The letter triggered investigations by both the school and the NCAA into violations by six players who sold memorabilia items to Edward Rife, which eventually led to the school self-reporting violations by coach Jim Tressel for not revealing information about the players' involvement with Rife.

The letter shows Rife purchased or traded tattoos for 36 different items since 2008.

Now it's important to note that while the letter shows more items than Ohio State and the NCAA have outlined in their reports, not all of the items are considered NCAA violations.

"There may be items in this letter that do not constitute NCAA violations," Ohio State spokesman Jim Lynch told The Columbus Dispatch. "The NCAA had this exact list as they prepared their Notice of Allegations."

The letter also states that there's "no allegation that any of these players were involved in or had knowledge of Mr. Rife's drug-trafficking activities."

The letter details all the items Rife purchased, several of which were sold on eBay. The names of current players who sold items or other players who provided gifts to Rife are redacted.

The letter shows a 2010 Rose Bowl watch and four tickets to the game given to Rife in exchange for a 2003 Chevy Tahoe that Rife had purchased. Rife also paid $7,000 on eBay for a 2003 Ohio State National Championship ring.