3-point stance: May is booster season

1.A few years ago, the NCAA voted to take head coaches off the recruiting road in May, when evaluations of next fall’s high school seniors officially begins. But nature and fundraisers abhor a vacuum. Head coaches spend May on the booster banquet circuit. “That’s where everything gets pushed to,” Oregon coach Chip Kelly said, because, ‘Well, he’s free in May.’ Well, you’re really not free in May… .I’m at this clinic, we have a little kids’ camp, and all of a sudden, I don’t have as much time as I thought I’d have.”

2.Redshirt freshman Tyler Gabbert didn’t win the job to replace his brother Blaine at Missouri, so Tyler Gabbert decided to transfer. Three things: a) Tyler committed to Nebraska out of high school, then changed his mind. Now he’s committed to Mizzou and changed his mind. B) Backups these days who refuse to recognize that they are “one play away” are shortsighted and immature. C) Coach Gary Pinkel thanked Tyler for his efforts. A previous generation of coaches wouldn’t have let him leave.

3.Update: Five weeks ago, I wrote in this space that fullback Morrell Presley, who had started out well this spring, “is exactly the type of player that UCLA needs to step up next fall.” Presley, one of the top tight ends in the nation when he signed in 2009, faded during spring ball. He fell down the depth chart and decided late last week to transfer from the Bruins. Let’s hope he doesn’t become the poster child of the Rick Neuheisel Era.