3-point stance: 'Tell everybody the first day'

1. Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds, on the lessons taught by Jim Tressel: “I think every head coach in the nation has read the Ohio State stuff. And we preach this every day: if you know something’s wrong, tell everybody the first day. Tell the president, tell the NCAA, tell everybody the first day. Then, regardless of the size of the problem, it doesn’t get bigger. I tell our staff, ‘If you go to bed at night knowing something that you think may be wrong, you’ve started a cover-up.’”

2. West Virginia boosters grumble that athletic director Oliver Luck botched the coaching transition. They believe that Luck should have bought out Bill Stewart last December or been patient enough to wait one more season. Luck tried to finesse the situation -- get Dana Holgorsen, the coach he wanted, and not buy out Stewart. It blew up in his face. I don’t think that’s Luck’s fault. Stewart handled it poorly. Holgorsen’s own undisciplined behavior exposed him and Luck to criticism. So Stewart’s gone and it’s time to move on.

3. The Fiesta Bowl replaced executive director John Junker with a rocket scientist. Dr. Robert Shelton is a physicist who has worked with NASA and has served the past five years as the president of the University of Arizona. It’s a shrewd move. Shelton knows the local area. As a university president, he arrives at the Fiesta Bowl with NCAA street cred. By hiring him, the bowl takes off the table any questions about what it intends for its future. So we wait and see how Shelton and the bowl pick up the pieces.