ACC vs. SEC: Elite recruits

This morning's video discussed the three most important things the ACC needs to do if it is ever in a million years going to surpass the SEC as the nation's premier conference: 1) Recruit more elite talent; 2) Find a consistent national title contender, and 3) Win the head-to-head competition against SEC opponents.

Here's a closer look at No. 1, and how the ACC has fared against the SEC in luring in members of ESPNU 150 classes:

If the gap on the field is going to change, these numbers have to change. Florida State (39), Miami (38), and Clemson (31), have accounted for 108 of those recruits during that span. Of course, there is attrition to account for, hype that doesn't always pan out, and simple underachieving.

Virginia Tech, the program that has won four ACC titles and won 10 or more games in each of the past seven seasons, has signed seven ESPNU 150 players since 2006. That reiterates two things about the Hokies:

1. They have one of the best staffs in the country when it comes to recognizing talent and developing it.

2. Maybe, just maybe, if they brought in more of the so-called elite recruits, they would have had more success against elite competition.

If you want to see how your program has fared in the recruiting scorecard since 2006, you can check the ESPN.com database here.