3-point stance: Another chance for Floyd

1.Notre Dame has been more lenient with wide receiver Michael Floyd than with past students who have had alcohol-related arrests. The school deserves the benefit of the doubt. Floyd will benefit more if he stays in school and adheres to the discipline of Brian Kelly's program than if he transferred. And yes, the university will benefit, too. That said, if Kelly suspends Floyd from playing for a period of time, Kelly will send a message of compassion and discipline.

2.Stanford coach David Shaw suggests that the AQ conferences make scheduling deals a la the Big Ten-ACC Challenge in basketball. The Pac-12 and SEC schools all pair off one season, and the leagues keep switching partners from year to year. The appeal to viewers and ticket buyers is obvious. But that’s not why most coaches and athletic directors schedule non-conference games. On the list of scheduling imperatives, appeal to viewers and ticket buyers comes well after home dates and coaching security. That’s too bad.

3.In a league like the SEC, everyone has a tough schedule. But which team has the toughest stretch of consecutive conference games? Tennessee plays Georgia, LSU, Alabama and South Carolina on consecutive October Saturdays, but only the ‘Bama game is on the road. My vote goes to defending national champion Auburn, which plays South Carolina, Arkansas, Florida and LSU, and only the Gators are at Jordan-Hare Stadium.