Non-AQ QBs are marrying men

Some of the top non-AQ quarterbacks have more in common this summer than seeing their name put on national watch lists.

Call them the marrying men.

Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore is set to get married Saturday to his high school sweetheart in Park City, Utah. He joins two other high-profile non-AQ quarterbacks who already walked down the aisle this offseason -- Jake Heaps of BYU and Case Keenum of Houston. Keenum also married his high school sweetheart, while Heaps married a young lady he met during his freshman year.

Summer must be the season for wedding bells. Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones proposed to his girlfriend this summer. Nevada quarterback Tyler Lantrip got married last July.

Having married players on the roster is nothing new at BYU, where many players are older. Heaps put any notion to rest that being married might change him as a player.

"I don't think it's going to change me at all," he said in a recent interview. "There's responsibilities and things I have to take care of with having a wife and focusing on my own family, but as far as football and that goes, she knows that it's a huge part of my life and she's been very supportive of it. She's been through a football season with me and she understands and knows what's going to be required and asked. That was a huge thing for me to see how she was going to react to it. It couldn't have been more perfect. She's always making sure I'm not missing anything. She's been awesome, so as far as that goes I don't think I'm going to change at all. I'm the same person and remain the same person and same type of player.

"Some people go, 'Well, are you going to lose your edge? But you've got guys around the country that are partying and doing all that kind of stuff. What's more of a distraction? It's just who your life partner is and who you're able to be with and do they understand what's required of you and what that all entails. If anything, I'm more focused than I've ever been."