Mack Brown and protecting the Texas QBs

None of Texas' quarterbacks have spoken to the media since a Thanksgiving Night loss to Texas A&M, a group that includes 12-game starter Garrett Gilbert and his competition, Case McCoy, Connor Wood and true freshman David Ash.

It's gone somewhat unnoticed outside of Austin, but I asked Texas coach Mack Brown why he made the choice, and here's his full, unedited response, followed by your chance to weigh in:

"I thought that all of the questions would be what you all know they would be. After doing this a long time. Who's going to start? How many reps are you getting? Why should you be starting? Why do you have a right from last year? What happened to you, Garrett? Why did you mess up? Why did you have so many turnovers? What about the coach? What about coach Davis? Compare him to coach Harsin. And I didn't think any of that was helpful at all, very honestly.

"So, what I thought we needed was to get back to work. We needed to make sure that our quarterbacks were focused on one thing, and on one thing only. And that was learning the new offense. Which was going to be complicated. And I didn't need them to have distractions. I didn't need Bryan to have to answer every day about who he thought looked better when he didn't even know their names. He didn't know anything about them. And I did not want the quarterbacks competing for a job until they learned the offense, because I was worried they'd worry more about starting than learning.

"So, we feel like now all four of them have learned the offense, they all have their reps. Bryan knows all four of them. The players have seen all four of them work with this system in the summer for 7-on-7, and now, what we'll do is start truly evaluating those guys daily and trying to separate them.

"And then, after we do, you'll get to talk to them all you want. But I felt like last year was so negative, that I didn't want them to have to sit around and talk about it all day. And they would have. And that's your job, and that's fair. But it's my job that we do what's best for our players."

I have my own opinions about Brown's response, but for now, I'll leave it up to you.

Was Mack Brown justified in protecting his quarterbacks from facing the media for what has now been eight months since the end of last season for Texas? Did he make the right decision?

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