3-point stance: Why did Carolina wait?

1.It’s not hard to understand why North Carolina fired Butch Davis. It’s hard to understand why North Carolina fired Butch Davis now. Chancellor Holden Thorp said Wednesday he felt the scandal “has begun to chip away” at this university’s reputation.” Chancellor, that ship sailed when the news first came to light last year. All Thorp has done by waiting until the eve of August practice is throw the Tar Heels’ season into chaos.

2.Colorado first-year head coach Jon Embree played for his alma mater in the 1980s. Embree had accepted a job in television journalism in 1991 when his head coach, Bill McCartney, called with a volunteer coaching position. “He didn’t ask me. He told me,” Embree said. The very first day, Embree fell in love with the work. “At the end of the day,” Embree said, “Mac asked me, ‘What do you think?’ What I didn’t say to him is, ‘I want your job.’" Twenty years later, he has it.

3.Most of Oregon State’s injury news is good. Quarterback Ryan Katz, who suffered a broken wrist last December, has recovered. Tight end Joe Halahuni, who underwent shoulder surgery in May, should be ready by the opener, if not before. However, wide receiver James Rodgers, recovering from a severe knee injury suffered last October, remains a question. Beavers coach Mike Riley said Rodgers will get an update from his doctor next week. Full speed sounds as if it is some time off.