3-point stance: BYU good fit for Big 12

1. If -- and it’s looking more like when -- Texas A&M leaves the Big 12, commissioner Dan Beebe said the league will “move aggressively” toward restoring its membership. Reports that the league will approach Notre Dame and/or Arkansas make sense. They won’t come if the Big 12 doesn’t ask. But I would be stunned if either one reciprocated the least bit of interest. BYU makes the most sense. The newly independent Cougars have a national following. They’ll bring TV homes to the Big 12. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

2. For most teams, an experienced senior quarterback getting suspended days before the season opener against a top-five team would be catastrophic. All LSU has to do is trot out another experienced senior quarterback. Jarrett Lee has started nine games and thrown for 2,643 yards in three seasons. He’s not as talented as Jordan Jefferson, the player he replaces against Oregon, but he will do what veterans do. He won’t get LSU beaten.

3. Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib ditched a traditional weight-training regimen during this past offseason in favor of drills that more directly reflect the duties of a quarterback. He cut back on bench presses and added more cone drills, core exercises and work with bands. “I was lifting like a linebacker,” Nassib said. “I have to worry about how quick I can be in a two-yard radius.” He is pleased with the results. “Toward the end of the summer, I could feel myself getting looser, having a little more pep to my step.”