Expansion madness!

Is the Pac-16 practically a done deal? Or is poor, ol' Baylor going to rally folks around Texas-ness, as if Texas is a foreign country or sumptin?

Or will legal threats complicate things? There's talk of lawyering up!

I thought folks in Texas liked free markets.

There's lots of speculation. Lots of "sources said." Here's the latest, which probably won't be anything like what actually happens.

Lots going on. Lots of chatter.

Here's the take-away.

The Pac-12, the Pac-14, the Pac-16 -- whatever -- is well-positioned. Commissioner Larry Scott is in a seat of power. Most of the players here coming to him with hats in hand. He saw this coming months ago. And his conduct as commissioner thus far suggests he has a clear plan and vision that will work out best for the conference.

You don't have to like it. But you probably will have to get used to it.