Big 12-Big East merger afoot?

The Big 12 and Big East have discussed how to merge the two leagues, according to an Associated Press report.

From the report:

The person, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk publicly about what is going on behind the scenes, said Monday there has been dialogue between athletic directors and high-level officials in the conference offices.

No big surprise there, and it's something that's a) natural and b) been speculated elsewhere, but we have here some relatively concrete confirmation.

Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech are mulling their conference future, and of course, any merger would most likely only become reality if those four left.

Or, could the Big 12 somehow convince those four to stay and take on the remaining six Big East football programs after Syracuse and Pittsburgh announced their exit over the weekend?

That would be quite the comeback for a Big 12 that looks like it's entering its final days.