The SEC puts a hault on expansion

Everyone expects the SEC to eventually expand to 14 schools, but that time doesn't appear to be now.

SEC presidents and chancellors met Monday for their fall meeting, but no expansion action was taken and we don't know when it will.

“The Presidents and Chancellors of the Southeastern Conference met on Monday for its regularly-scheduled fall meeting," the league said in a statement. "While they discussed a wide range of issues dealing with the changing landscape of intercollegiate athletics, no actions were taken with regards to expansion.”

This comes after even more speculation arose after Missouri curators gave chancellor Brady Deaton the authority to explore a move to another conference rather than immediately commit to the Big 12. Word quickly spread that Missouri had real interest in joining the SEC, but only after the Big Ten showed no interest in the school.

Last week, The Birmingham News reported that a majority of SEC presidents and chancellors would support Missouri's application, but that majority falls short of the nine votes required to add a new member.

While the SEC says it isn't taking steps toward growing at the moment, don't expect that sort of talk to quell any of the expansion chatter. Even after the SEC officially announced Texas A&M as its 13th member, all the talk surrounded what school was going to be the 14th team and if there was a possibility of three more joining. It seems as if Texas A&M is a mere afterthought at this point.

Missouri's name will continue to come up, as the St. Louis and Kansas City markets figure to be attractive to the SEC and so does the school's AAU membership. Remember, this isn't just about football. There are a lot of other factors that go into expansion other than football games.

Don't be surprised if West Virginia continues to come up again. Maybe Louisville will get thrown into the mix. And don't count the Virginia Tech and Florida State talk either.

It should be fun with all the speculation and rumors sure to come.