3-point stance: Age of the passer

1.When it comes to breaking down the BCS ratings, I’m no Brad Edwards. But I can do the math. If the margin between No. 3 Oklahoma State and No. 4 Stanford is nearly twice that between the Cowboys and No. 1 LSU; and if the Cowboys still must play No. 14 Kansas State and No. 6 Oklahoma, while the Cardinal’s only remaining ranked opponent is No. 8 Oregon, then it’s pretty simple. Neither Stanford nor No. 5 Boise State can catch an undefeated Oklahoma State.

2.If the Cowboys make it there, the Age of the Sugar Daddy will be official. Oregon swooshed to the top thanks to Phil Knight. Stanford got there with the considerable help of construction magnate John Arrillaga. And Oklahoma State isn’t playing in Boone Pickens Stadium because it liked the sound of the name. Sorry, no populist outrage here. If I had to guess, the difference between those three schools and the Texases of the world is that the latter have more than one significant sugar daddy.

3.Further proof (I think) that we also live in the Age of the Passer. Take a look at the FBS passing efficiency leaders. You’ll see all the names -- Wilson, Keenum, Griffin, Moore, Luck -- that you’ve come to know and love. Now take a look at the top FBS rushers. Nothing against Ronnie Hillman of San Diego State, the leader, or the ironman Bobby Rainey of Western Kentucky, whose 233 carries are 38 more than any other of the top 20 backs. But they resemble silent movie stars in the age of the talkie.