Edwards projects Bama to be No. 2

Those inside the city of Tuscaloosa, Ala., have probably been extremely tense and nervous since Oklahoma State's annihilation of Oklahoma Saturday night.

The Cowboys' 44-10 beat down of Oklahoma was the last thing that Alabama and its fans wanted to see as they anxiously await the final BCS standings of the year.

But things are looking up for Alabama, which entered the weekend second in the BCS standings.

Even though Oklahoma State made up some nice ground on Alabama in the coaches poll, Alabama remains No. 2 and ESPN BCS guru Brad Edwards said that according to sources, the Crimson Tide also ranks second in the Peter Wolfe poll, which is one of the six computer polls.

By Edwards' calculations, Oklahoma State would have to be ranked second in the Harris poll in order to jump Alabama in the final BCS standings.

If Alabama remains second, which Edwards expects, Alabama will get a rematch with LSU in the Allstate BCS National Championship Game down in New Orleans.