3-point stance: BCS exasperation

1. The bottom line on why the BCS is going to change is weariness. The guys in charge of it are tired of hearing about it. One of them, Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick, had me on his radio show in Chicago yesterday: “I’m not sure that the plus-one is inevitable. Change is inevitable,” Swarbrick said. “It may be a plus-one. I sense an exasperation. Why get all this grief?”

2. When Swarbrick asked me what I would change, I suggested blowing up the BCS rating and having a committee of commissioners and athletic directors select the BCS teams. Committees select the postseason in every playoff that the NCAA runs. Swarbrick agreed with the concept. The challenge, he said, is that “You’ve got be prepared for whatever the result is. If that committee thinks five SEC teams should be in an eight-team playoff, you’ve got to be OK with that. I am.”

3. Andre Woodson led Kentucky to consecutive bowls as a junior and senior in 2006-07. He tried the NFL, and then he came back to Lexington as a student assistant coach in January to finish what he started. Woodson will get his diploma Friday, and good for Kentucky for publicizing it. Woodson served as a role model as a three-year starter for the Wildcats. Four years later he is a role model again. Even better news -- he wants to stay in coaching.