Turning the page on the Bayou

Rarely has a football team been as stoked to see spring practice get here as this LSU team.

That's because the Tigers are sick and tired of hearing about what happened the last time they took the field.

For those with short memories, LSU was thrashed 21-0 by Alabama in the BCS National Championship Game after winning 13 straight games, and the uproar on the Bayou has yet to die down.

The rumors have been so rampant about what did or didn't happen that night in New Orleans that some bewildered LSU fans have actually been spotted in the vicinity of the Superdome looking for grassy knolls.

OK, scratch that last line, but you get the idea.

The LSU players are thankful to get back on the practice field and put the Alabama game behind them once and for all. The Tigers open spring practice on Friday at 5 p.m. ET, and junior quarterback Zach Mettenberger says it's one focused group.

"Our mentality is that we’re ready to strap it up and get back on the field and get going," said Mettenberger, who takes over as the Tigers' starting quarterback. "People are still talking about that game. It’s been two months now ... but it bothers us that people still want to talk about that game. We just want to move on and get ready for spring ball and roll into the season with a positive mentality to get after it this year."

Getting back into the feel of the game will be at the top of Mettenberger's list of priorities. He didn't take any meaningful snaps in games last season. But he also wants to become a better technician -- and not just a thrower.

"I’m definitely confident in my ability to throw and feel like I can throw with the best of them," Mettenberger said. "I just have to keep working and get to where I know the offense like Peyton Manning and get on the Tom Brady level. Minimizing mistakes will be a key for us this year to get back to the national championship game."