BC confident in its QBs

Boston College used two quarterbacks last year -- starter Chase Rettig and backup Josh Bordner – but first-year offensive coordinator Doug Martin said that won’t be the case this season, at least not intentionally.

“I don’t see us doing that,” he said.

Rettig finished the spring as the Eagles’ top quarterback, followed by Bordner, but Martin said he is comfortable with both of them.

“I think Chase has all of the ability to be one of the top quarterbacks in the conference,” Martin said. “I think Josh has a lot of athletic ability also.”

Rettig has been average and struggled at times in his 21 career starts for BC. He started nine games as a true freshman in 2010 and was expected to make significant strides under former coordinator Kevin Rogers last year, but Rogers left abruptly early in the season, citing health reasons for his leave of absence. Rettig completed 53.6 percent of his passes for 1,960 yards, 12 touchdowns and nine interceptions last year.

It’s hard not to wonder how different his progression would have been had he not had to learn from three different coordinators in three years, the latest being Martin.

Martin, though, said he didn’t sense any hesitancy from Rettig in learning another system.

“He was great,” Martin said. “He and I got a great relationship started here, and I think actually, that may be paying some dividends for him, since he’s had to learn so much since he’s been here. It’s probably accelerated his general knowledge of football to begin with. I think it will be an advantage for him.”

It remains to be seen whether it will be an advantage for BC.