3-point stance: More from Les Miles

1. Why did the Football Bowl Association hire an executive director two weeks ago? According to two bowl officials, the FBA didn’t feel that it got a bang from the reported $200,000 annually it spent on Ari Fleischer, the former presidential press secretary whose public-relations firm also represents the BCS. The FBA instead put that money toward hiring Wright Waters away from his job as Sun Belt Conference commissioner. Waters will be the voice/face of the entire (not just the BCS) bowl business.

2. Les Miles reminded me on the ESPNU College Football Podcast that LSU threw the ball well for much of last season. The Tigers finished second in the SEC in pass efficiency (147.53), a stat obscured by the memory of the offense’s performance against Georgia and Alabama at year’s end (combined 83 yards passing). “There were nine games where we didn’t have to throw the ball in the fourth quarter to ensure victory,” Miles said. “It’s a very difficult way to be judgmental on a team that won 13 straight.”

3. That said, Miles is confident that junior Zach Mettenberger, the Georgia transfer, will perform better than the senior tandem, Jordan Jefferson and Jarrett Lee, that he backed up a year ago. “We’ll move the football more in the air with Zach than we did in the past. His strength is the ability to throw," Miles said. "Certainly we want to throw the football better. I think our quarterback’s skill set will be such that we’ll throw the football more and more efficiently than we did a year ago.”