Lunt progressing well in OK State camp

Oklahoma State locks up its preseason camp pretty tight, but early returns are good on Wes Lunt after the first half of his fall camp.

Lunt, a true freshman, was named starter after the spring and this camp is his first time taking control of that starting role in organized team practices.

Replacing Brandon Weeden won't be easy, but Lunt seems to be making a big impression already.

"Wes is playing well. He looks like he’s got good command of our offense. He seems to be handling the blitz pretty well," Gundy told reporters after Saturday's scrimmage.

Stats from the scrimmage weren't made available.

"I would expect the first two or three games of the season, (opponents) are going to try to blitz him a lot. He seems to be handling it really well. Our defense is bringing a lot of pressure and he’s making good decisions."

Even defensive coordinator Bill Young has taken notice of Lunt's progression so far.

"He’s doing an awfully good job. He’s so impressive as a freshman quarterback. He has thrown some balls where we’ve had great coverage," Young told reporters. "He got one here on the sideline where we were all over it and he drops it in the bucket. You’ve got to give him a lot of credit, too. Tracy Moore and the other receivers -- all of them are doing a really good job."

Moore told reporters Saturday that, like Young, he doesn't think Lunt looks like a freshman at practice.

"Wes looks great. He doesn’t play like a freshman," Moore said. "You can’t use that excuse that he’s a freshman, because if you give him that excuse, then every time he messes up, you’d say it’s OK. I look at him just like he’s Brandon Weeden."

Lunt's toughness in the pocket has already made an impact on Moore.

"He plays pretty big. He plays like a big athlete that’s not really scared to get hit in the pocket," he said. "A lot of smaller quarterbacks would duck away from the defender as they’re throwing, but he’ll step up like Brandon Weeden did and make that throw then take the hit."

Lunt, in accordance with team rules, won't be allowed to speak with media this season. First-year players (freshmen or junior-college transfers) aren't allowed to speak to media in Gundy's program.