3-point stance: The scheduling carousel

1. The great fun of games scheduled at the last minute is pulling the thread to see who else is affected. Oregon found a home on Virginia's 2013 schedule because Virginia suspected probation-saddled Penn State may want out of the Cavaliers' visit to State College. Oregon had an opening because Nevada, with a new coach, wanted to play someone else, which will be BYU. Penn State is close to a deal with Central Florida. And Virginia will play eight home games for the first time ever.

2. The truth about the future of football probably lies closer to the doubts that President Obama expressed than the dire forecast of the Ravens' Bernard Pollard, who said this week the NFL won't be around in 30 years. The NFL is too popular to fail. So is college football. And even if the game is changed drastically to curtail head injuries, the game will survive. The passion it stirs in so many hearts is too valuable an entity to the businessmen and networks who make billions off of it.

3. Common sense breaks out across the land. The Big 12 athletic directors want the benefits of expansion without adding members. The Big East, commissioner Mike Aresco affirmed, won't go west of Texas and will work to divorce the seven Catholic basketball schools in one year. I hope the league decides to give the Catholic schools the Big East name. It belongs to them. Its value in football isn't near the historical value it carries in hoops. Football should find a new name. That, too, is common sense.