NCAA suspends new recruiting rules

The Big Ten was vocal in its concerns over some new recruiting rules passed by the NCAA, issuing a statement last month on behalf of coaches and athletic directors asking for those rules to be halted. Conference leaders will get their wish.

The NCAA's Rules Working Group, which initially drew up the plans, recommended that the Division I Board of Directors suspend the two most controversial proposals until it can review and modify them. Those proposed rules would have eliminated the limit on printed materials that could be sent to high school prospects and allow team officials other than the head coach or assistant coach the ability to recruit. Some schools had already started hiring staff members for the main purpose of recruiting.

The NCAA Board of Directors is scheduled to meet May 2, at which time it will consider these rules again.

Plenty of coaches and administrators outside the Big Ten had also expressed concerns about the ramifications of the new rules and a new recruiting arms race it might create. At least the NCAA was willing to listen to those concerns.