Tennessee heavily pursues Stanton Truitt

Tennessee is really trying to get its point across to 2014 athlete Stanton Truitt (Monroe, Ga./Monroe Area). And it isn't a subtle point, either.

When Truitt got home on Monday, he had more than 100 letters waiting from him in his mailbox -- all from Tennessee.

"When I went to open it, it would not budge," Truitt told ESPN RecruitingNation's Kipp Adams. "I pulled it down, and then some of the letters were hanging out, but they were all tied together by a rubber band.

"I was thinking there was no way these came from the same school. But I kept pulling on them and I thought the mailbox was going to break, but when I got them out I found out that all 102 of them were from Tennessee! It was crazy."

This is similar to when Alabama sent ESPN 150 running back Alvin Kamara 105 letters during last year's recruiting season. That tactic certainly didn't hurt Alabama's chances, as Kamara eventually signed with the Crimson Tide in February.

Still, more than 100 letters? Maybe over the course of a couple of years that would make sense, but getting them all at one time is a bit much. Actually, it's pretty outrageous.

Think of all the trees!

Before Monday's mailbox madness, Truitt, who rushed for 1,420 rushing yards and 18 touchdowns and passed for another 812 yards with nine scores last season, said the most letters he received at one time was 12 from Vanderbilt.

"It was shocking and it shows me that they think highly of me and really love me," Truitt said. "It makes me feel important to them and makes me want to work harder and keep doing what I have been doing."

Truitt added that the letters were inspirational and all displayed a different message to him.

Talk about creativity. That takes a lot of thinking and word use to have so much to say to one person in one sitting -- through a series of letters.

That many letters at one time might sound a little obsessive and crazy, but in the world of recruiting, there are no boundaries. It's well within the rules to bombard a prospect like that and high school players are only going to get hounded more and more by coaching staffs with the new recruiting regulations regarding communication between coaches and prospects.

Unlimited text messaging and social media contact should make things even wackier in the mess that is college football recruiting. Soon, letters could just be a thing of the past ...