3-point stance: Good for Hoke, Stoops

1. Stanford has 26 walk-ons, and head coach David Shaw prefers that their identity remain a secret. “Nobody needs to know,” Shaw said, adding that even the players don’t always know who has a scholarship and who doesn’t. “I think that’s a good team thing,” Shaw said. “Everybody is treated the same. We’re hard on everybody. We push everybody. Nobody’s pushed any harder than anybody else. Nobody’s ostracized. They’re all in the same boat together.

2. Once head coaches decided to take themselves off the road for May recruiting, they have nothing left to do but talk to the media and to their schools’ fans. All I can say is thank goodness. That’s how we get Michigan coach Brady Hoke saying that Notre Dame is “chickening out of” its rivalry with the Wolverines, or Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops saying the SEC isn’t all that. Coaches who speak their minds and get ripped can get gun-shy. But I hope Hoke, Stoops and the rest of them talk like it’s May all year long.

3. Mount Union head coach Larry Kehres has a record of 332-24-3 and has led the Purple Raiders to 11 Division III titles, and yet he could walk naked through the set of "College GameDay" without anyone noticing. Retiring in May is just another way not to attract attention, and a pox on all journalistic houses for not making this guy a household name. In retiring as in coaching, Kehres is the Chinese Olympic diver of coaches. He executes his skills and barely makes a splash.