Three-point stance: Scrapping the scout team

Posted by ESPN.com's Ivan Maisel

1.You want to make the South Florida scout team? Too bad -- coach Jim Leavitt eliminated it this season. Leavitt said it’s hard to get enough talent to give your starters a true-to-life picture of the opponent. He also said that watching scout team video is a sure cure for insomnia. On a tip he got during a ball-talking visit earlier this year with Washington coach Steve Sarkisian, Leavitt has his second team do the scout-team work and run the opponent’s stuff against the starters. If it works, you’ll see a lot of coaches eliminate scout teams.

2.Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson, relaying keys for his defenders, revealed tips for fans watching a game, too. “There are not a whole lot of teams that are going to release the receivers downfield and run the ball. If I am keying the tight end and he is running a pass route, most likely it is a pass play. They usually don’t do that and run the ball. ... The ball is going to take you where it is going.” That last sentence is almost Zen.

3.The devastation wreaked by the tsunami in the Samoas will be felt by those West Coast teams who have actively recruited over there. SMU coach June Jones, who was Hawaii's head coach from 1999-2007, tweeted (CoachJuneJones) throughout the day Wednesday, and reading them will break your heart. This story will get worse before it gets better.