3-point stance: Franklin's future

1. James Franklin can recruit. He has an electric personality. He likes people. And if he led Vanderbilt to consecutive nine-win seasons, then it’s self-evident that he has the football chops. Franklin’s salesmanship may be the glue that can unite a fractured Penn State fan base. Given the university’s need to be cleaner than clean, we must assume that Penn State looked and found no skeletons in his closet. Good for him. Good for Penn State.

2. Tailback Ameer Abdullah's eloquent statement regarding why he decided to remain at Nebraska for his senior season should be required reading for anyone considering leaving early for the NFL. “I have come to realize that life is bigger than football,” Abdullah said, “and that my chances of long-term success in life will be greatly enhanced by completing my college education. … If playing in the NFL is truly in God’s plans for me, then God will again present this opportunity to me after I complete my college education.”

3. You don’t need a forensic accountant or a marketing consultant to understand that UAB is cash-starved and attention-starved. The university in Tuscaloosa makes sure that UAB is starved of cash, and the lack of resources makes it difficult to attract attention. Anyone who didn’t understand that before Thursday knows it now. Blazers head coach Garrick McGee resigned to rejoin the staff of Bobby Petrino, now at Louisville. When your FBS head coach resigns to become an FBS assistant, you’ve got issues.