3-point stance: State of the union

1. Regardless of which side you come down upon in the debate over whether student-athletes should be allowed to unionize, there’s no question that the NCAA and its member schools brought this upon themselves. They have dismissed the student-athletes’ concerns, if they ever listened. The industry needs to find an answer beyond “Shut up and look how much we’re spending on you.” That isn’t working.

2. Penn State head coach James Franklin planned to attend the State of the Union Address on Tuesday night at the United States Capitol. Franklin isn’t the first head coach to attend the annual event -- College Football Hall of Famer Tom Osborne, the former U.S. Congressman, comes to mind. Whatever Franklin’s interest, be it in the government or in the attention he’s attracting, it’s refreshing to see a head coach who sees a world beyond his practice field.

3. Coaches will identify players as “coaches on the field,” and look what happens. As Jeff Lockridge wrote in The Tennessean, Karl Dorrell was an assistant coach at Northern Arizona in 1990-91 when Derek Mason played cornerback. Last week, Mason, the new Vanderbilt head coach, hired Dorrell as offensive coordinator. And this week, Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly hired his former Oregon linebacker, Michael Clay, as a defensive quality control assistant. Keep an eye on Clay.