2017 Notre Dame OL commit becoming an eating champion

Offensive linemen are known for being big eaters, but 2017 Notre Dame commit Dillan Gibbons gives that a whole new meaning.

The 6-foot-5, 300-pound 2017 prospect has recently participated in two eating competitions and was successful in both. The first was a coney dog competition, and Gibbons finished off 14 1/2 coney dogs in 20 minutes.

Gibbons tweeted a picture of himself holding a giant hamburger plush toy after eating three cheeseburgers each weighing one pound.

His twitter bio reads “C/O Notre Dame Commit, Eating Champion, Overall Great Person,” which makes sense when he talks about his philosophy on eating contests.

“I like to think of life as one big eating challenge,” he said. “I’ve done two actual competitions and won them both. The family and I are always looking for new ones, so I think I’ll be doing another one this week.”