USC should succeed on recruiting trail despite Sarkisian's departure

Whenever a college football head coach is fired -- as Steve Sarkisian was at USC on Monday afternoon -- some of the immediate thought from fans and media is directed toward the ongoing and future recruiting classes. Usually, the two different scenarios that lead to a coach's departure -- he's struggling and the program is floundering, or he's succeeding and gets plucked for a better job -- lead to two different outcomes on the recruiting trail. In the case of college football's power programs, a coaching change that’s indicative of on-field struggles usually results in a boost for recruiting.

That was the case for USC following Lane Kiffin's firing during the 2013 season, and both Florida and Michigan fared just fine on the 2015 trail after making coaching changes. While there might be a few immediate bumps in the road, USC always recruits well, and eventually, the 2016 class will be no different. Though in the immediate aftermath, it might be slightly difficult for USC fans to see the forest for the trees.