SEC recruiting job rankings, 1-14

ESPN's panel of recruiting experts ranked all 65 Power-5 head coaching jobs by the difficulty of recruiting at each school. Below is a look at the SEC rankings. For the complete 1-65 list, and more on the criteria and tiebreaking procedures for the rankings, click HERE.

1. Georgia Bulldogs: 25 out of 25

Favorable geography/local recruiting territory: 5 -- The Bulldogs do a majority of their recruiting locally, and only have to compete with Georgia Tech for in-state recruits.

Recruiting/football budget: 5 -- $581k, according to the most recent data. Georgia doesn’t have to travel far to land a majority of its recruits. Neighboring states such as South Carolina and Florida have also been very kind to Georgia on the recruiting front.

Facilities to attract recruits: 5 -- Georgia is about to break ground on a new, state-of-the-art $30 million dollar indoor practice facility which will put the Bulldogs on par with other conference powers.

Next-level considerations: 5 -- Georgia has had 33 players selected in the NFL draft since 2010.

Other intangibles: 5 -- Being in a fertile recruiting state is one thing -- having that fertile recruiting state almost all to yourself, when your primary competition is either in a less talent-rich state (Tennessee) or has to share its state with other powerhouses (Florida), is something else. Among Georgia's SEC competitors, Florida and Tennessee have resources and have been improving -- the Gators can point to a division title in 2015 -- but the dynamics of the SEC East give the Bulldogs an extra benefit that make Georgia a powerhouse recruiting job.