Tom Brady Sound FX from win

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wore a microphone during Sunday's win over the Saints, and the Sound FX is now posted on NFL.com.

One gets a feel of what it's like to be in the huddle with Brady and on the sideline as he attempts to rally others on offense.

The emotional swings at the end of the game are also captured, with Brady realizing almost immediately that his long pass to Julian Edelman before the game-winning drive was a mistake.

Maybe our favorite part was the conversation between Brady and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels before the game-winning drive.

"They're going to be deep. We're going to have to hit an in-cut, clock it or get going again, maybe hit a second one, and then try to hit something in the end zone," McDaniels says to Brady.

That's almost exactly the way it unfolded -- a good snapshot of how conversations on the sideline, and good coaching, often come to life with top-notch player execution on the field.

"Let's show some toughness. You got to show some toughness," Brady says in the huddle before the final drive. "Toughness and go make some plays."

Then there is the emotion as he runs off the field and later breaking down the team in the locker room.

Neat stuff here.