Patriots' DT Chris Jones: 'Mistake was mine'

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Patriots defensive tackle Chris Jones, who was flagged for an unsportsmanlike penalty on a missed field goal by the Jets in overtime, said after the game that the rule he violated was one he was aware of but slipped his mind at the time.

"Yeah, it was something we talked about probably during camp and stuff, and it just slipped out of my mind," he said. "So I just, it was just my mistake, nobody else's. I've just got to man up and fix it next time."

Jones was flagged because he appeared to push teammate Will Svitek, a violation on a field goal block attempt that gave the Jets 15 yards and a first down. They kicked the winning field goal four plays for a 30-27 overtime win.

Jones indicated that he knew what he was going to do before the play.

"Yeah, yeah," he said. "Just try to get that extra little oomph in there."

When a flag was thrown on the play, Jones admitted that he was confused by the call.

"I was confused at first and didn't know what was going on, and I figured out what it was and I was like 'that was my fault,' " he said. "I just had to get -- we still had more football to play after that -- so I just had to, you know, get rid of it real quick."

Losing the game after committing the penalty was difficult for Jones.

"Yeah, it's tough," he added. "Any time you lose, it's hard on the team. You never want to lose, being a competitor, you never want to lose a game."

The rookie, who also had two sacks during the game, shouldered sole responsibility for the mistake.

"The mistake was mine," he said. "I take it, I put it on my shoulders, it was all my fault and it was nobody else's."